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May 3, 2017

This week, the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) will begin its annual flushing program in main lines of its distribution system in the City of Tonawanda, Lancaster (Town and Village), Hamburg (Town and Village), the Village of Depew, and the Town of West Seneca.

Main line flushing is part of an annual maintenance program that consists of the systematic flushing of dead-end mains within the ECWA.s water supply system. This preventative procedure is a cost effective way to improve water quality and service delivery.

"This program helps achieve the highest possible water quality for our customers," said ECWA Chairman Robert Anderson. "Over time, water mains can accumulate sediment and other solids that may reduce the water main's capacity while creating the potential for color, taste and odor problems. Flushing the mains in these areas eliminates this build-up."

Flushing is done by partially opening a hydrant or a blow-off located near the affected area. The hydrant or blow-off is kept open until all sediments have been removed.

Main flushing has begun this week and will continue until the fall, weather permitting. If discoloration occurs, customers should run the cold water tap at the lowest point of their residence or business for a few minutes or until the water runs clear. Clothing should not be laundered if water is discolored or staining could result.

"We expect to complete this annual routine program without any interruptions to our customers," Anderson said. "Some may experience low pressure, but these conditions will subside after the flushing is completed."

Water quality will not be adversely affected and drinking water will be entirely safe during the flushing procedure.

For questions or more information regarding the program, please contact ECWA at 716-684-0900.